Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post-Ironman funk

I spent the first week and a half after the Ironman in kind of a funk.  It's really difficult to structure your life around a goal day-in and day-out for a year, and then to suddenly find yourself wandering aimlessly.  This post-Ironman funk was maybe a little more pronounced than the others I've experienced, since I was somewhat disappointed in my performance.  I'm not sure that this disappointment is reasonable, or rational, but I spent the last year planning (and training) to obliterate my PR, even on a much tougher course.  I did execute my race plan flawlessly, but the fact that I didn't blow up on the run has left me wondering if I couldn't/shouldn't have taken more risks and pushed a little harder on the bike.

The funk was exacerbated by the fact that I have gotten so much slower over the last several months.  Where I once was running my long runs at paces in the low 7's, a comfortable long run pace for me has turned into a pace in the high 8's and low 9's.  Even aggressively paced long runs lately have yielded at best an 8:30 average pace.  What the heck?!

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