Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 13 - 19: Recovery Week!

Still terribly jet-lagged, I got up at 5am to play in a company golf tournament.  I had a couple of great shots (but many, many not-great shots).  It was fun.

Raining, ate Mexican food with Greg.

1 mi easy, 2000m @ 6:45, 1mi @ 6:26, 1000m @ 6:12, 800 @ 5:58, 1 mi easy (Total 6.08 mi, avg 7:30 pace)
Track workout as usual.  For some reason, today's workout felt really easy.  Maybe it's related to not running at all for the previous two days.  Or maybe I'm getting faster!!

Woke up with my back messed up, like it was after I wrecked my bike.  Not the spine- kind of a scapula/lat pinching/tightness that prevents me from turning or bending in certain directions, or from arching my back at all.  It may have been due to the golf (finally catching up to me- once every 2 years is not enough to stay in shape), or I may have slept wrong (before I went to bed I turned onto my permanently separated shoulder and felt a 'pop'- not painful, but something definitely moved).

It hurt pretty much all day, then I went for a 6 mile run with Agustina- apparently not a good idea.  I was pretty much immobilized with pain for the rest of the night.

Worked from home (bed) in the morning, then felt like I could walk and went into the office.  No run planned for tonight (maybe I'll squeeze in some time on the bike trainer if it doesn't hurt too badly).

It's a good thing this is a recovery week!  Needless to say, my inability to get a key workout in tonight is giving my confidence a bit of a hit in terms of feeling ready for the Houston Marathon.  I guess all I can do is get my back better and see how it goes from there.

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