Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19- Recovery week long run

Over the course of the day Friday, my back gradually felt better, and eventually I was able to take a deep breath without stabbing pain.  Saturday morning I woke up with a little twinge in my back and some mysterious cramps in my calves that may or may not have been related to some dancing that occurred at the triathlon club holiday party Friday night.  I've felt better for long runs, but it was a beautiful day (46 degrees and sunny), and once I started running I was happy to be out!

Goal: 1.5 mi WU, 13.1 mi @ 7:00, 1.5 mi CD
Actual: 2.0 mi WU, 13.5 mi @ 7:04, .25 mi CD

This was a pretty tough run.  I spent pretty much the whole run thinking I wasn't going to be able to hold pace for the entire run, but somehow I did.  By the end, my heart rate was through the roof, and my hip flexors and lower back were screaming.  Otherwise I felt pretty good.  I was pretty proud of myself.

Thoughts:  The fact that I'm extending the distance for which I can maintain this pace is pretty exciting!  The fact that I'll have to run twice that distance at that pace (or slightly slower) in a month is pretty daunting.  I'm torn between being excited and being anxious.  I know that I will eventually get myself in shape to run a 3:10 marathon, but I'm not sure that I'll be ready at the end of January.  The prospect of going for it and failing is a little scary, too, because it would be a heck of a crash and burn (and I can still remember pretty vividly some of the spectacular crashes and burns of the past).  No guts, no glory, though, right?

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