Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 6-12

This is going to be a tough week, since I fly to Paris tomorrow afternoon.  I have a couple "favorite" running spots in Paris where I typically run, but since I'm traveling with colleagues, I don't know how well I'll be able to get away to train.
Bike: 10 min WU, 20 min Time Trial, 10 min CD

Plan: 1.5 mi WU/CD, 6 mi @ 6:45
Actual 1.5mi WU/CD, 6 mi @ 6:49
Holy cow, what a tough run!  Probably not the best plan for the day after my TT on the bike, but I needed to get something in, and right before I get on the plane tomorrow didn't sound like a good idea. 
Here's a chart:

You can see by the fact that my heart rate is skyrocketing over the course of the run (184 bpm at the end) that this pace would not have been sustainable for much longer, but I'm pretty happy to have held it for as long as I did.

Wednesday (Paris time)
10.3 mile run.  Avg pace 8:04 (including lots of stops for pedestrians and cross traffic), with some pickups in rain and mud.  Three miles of the run were within the Jardin du Luxembourg, until they closed it (sundown before 5pm?).  Ran with a colleague who is training to run sub-3 at Boston, which helped inspire me to keep the pace up when there were few enough obstacles to do so.  Managed to not get flattened by traffic, to not slip and fall on some very slippery sidewalk surfaces, and to not run over any innocent school children, so consider it a success!   

Hopefully I can get in one more run before I fly back; plan is for 20 mile run in Houston on Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Great run, Josh! Enjoy Paris and good luck getting your runs in. (You can do it!)